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Our Licensing Services

Preparation of required documentation​

Completing the license application

Application submission to regulator(s)

Respond to any queries from regulator(s)

Post Licensing Services

Regulatory Compliance

We create a solid compliance framework for your business, support you with challenging tasks, and manage your compliance function more proficiently for you.

Capital Markets Services ("CMS") License

We provide assistance from the initial corporate structuring stage through to the grant of a license to engage in regulated activities, as defined under the Securities and Futures Act (“SFA”).

The following activities require a “CMS” license under the “SFA”:

Dealing in capital markets products
Advising on corporate finance
Fund management
Providing custodial services
Real estate investment trust management
Product financing
Providing credit rating services

Whilst the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has published several guidelines to provide more clarity on the license application process, each financial intermediary’s model and activities may be different from another. Our licensing professionals will be able to provide you with appropriate advice to help you navigate the license application process.

Recognised Market Operator ("RMO") License

A company will need a Recognised Market Operator (“RMO”) or Approved Exchange (“AE”) license if it wishes to operate an organised market as defined under Part I of the First Schedule to the Securities and Futures Act.

A market operator is essentially an entity operating a facility which facilitates the price discovery and formation of issued securities in a centralised manner. Through the interaction of bids and offers, participants of a market can have a sense of the supply and demand and thus determine the price of securities. Market operators need to either be approved by MAS as an Approved Exchange, or a Recognised Market Operator, or be an exempt market operator.

If you feel you require further consultation on this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss the matter further so that we may help you to get a more comprehensive overview.

Payment Service Provider License

The first step for payment service providers is to understand the regulatory classification of the payment service(s) they are providing, including to consider whether they may require a license beyond payment services such as a license for dealing in securities.

There are seven different kinds of payment service activities under the Payment Services Act (“PSA”):

Account issuance service
Domestic money transfer service
Cross-border money transfer service
Merchant acquisition service
E-money issuance service
Digital payment tokens service
Money-changing service

Under the Payment Services Act (“PSA”), payment service providers have to be licensed under one type of license class namely:

Money-changing license
Standard payment institution license
Major payment institution license

If you feel you require further consultation on this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss the matter further so that we may help you to get a more comprehensive overview.

Business Model Transformation

Business Model

Breaking down the complexities of their business and identifying the necessary structural changes for them to go digital.

Performance Improvement

Offering strategic consultation that helps their business to prioritize their objectives, addressing their business challenges and improving organizational processes to take their company performance to the next level.

Performance Improvement

Customer Experience Strategy

Help to build a unique user centric experience that focuses on creating a strong value proposition for their products and services to accelerate their business growth.

New Market Development

Help to discover new opportunities and unlock growth capabilities by uncovering new market segments for their products and services.

New Market Development
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