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Virtual Reality in Aerospace and Defence: Technology Trends

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets typically come with a screen – or one screen for each eye – which eliminates all interactions with the real world. Autofocus lenses are positioned between the eyes and the screen, which move according to the user’s eye movements to convert 2D images into stereoscopic 3D.

Learning about patient safety through VR

All medical students at the National University of Singapore (NUS) will be taught patient safety through a virtual reality (VR) game, a move prompted by the Covid-19 social distancing rules.

New online adviser to help SMEs navigate government support | Video

Small businesses in Singapore will soon have a new online adviser to help them match their needs to various government support schemes. This comes as a slow and uneven economic recovery is expected to continue amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Brandon Tanoto with more.

Does Google buying North mean it wants to try consumer AR glasses again?

Google has announced it bought North, a Canadian company that creates augmented reality glasses, for an undisclosed amount. The two companies made clear Google wants to use North’s “technical expertise” to bolster its “hardware efforts and ambient computing future".

Facebook demos the 'thinnest' VR headset to date with holographic displays

Facebook’s Reality Labs and its Oculus brand have been developing a streamlined VR headset. Their latest effort is, they claim, the "thinnest VR display demonstrated to date". It's basically a pair of easy-to-wear VR sunglasses, though they're just a proof-of-concept device at this stage.

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